Welcome to my site! I am a 36 year old Californian living in Coyote Valley with my boyfriend, southeast of San Jose. I began performing standup comedy and storytelling in late 2013, and became a promoter and marketer in 2017. I have performed at the San Francisco Punchline, the San Jose Improv, Rooster T Feather’s in Sunnyvale, the Pink Flamingo Theater in Monterrey, StorySlam Oakland at the Layover, and Tommy T’s in Pleasanton. I’m known as an open mic hound all over Northern California, and compile listings for the SF Bay Area Comedy Network.

Come out to one of my venues sometime and support! Tune into http://www.RudmaniaRadio.com every Sunday 9-11 am for music and comedy updates! Bay Area Comedy Showcase update live on Facebook at 10 am.