I was born in Stockton in 1983 and have lived all over the Western United States, as well as a state of denial. I lived as a kid in Long Beach, California, and threw up as an adolescent in Western Washington in the 90’s. After graduating high school in 2001 (Great year, right?), I Budo-bummed my way around the Northwest, got a history degree from Sonoma State, and got up to a lot of trouble in Hawaii. Grad school in San Jose didn’t work out in 2012 because of my poor mental and physical health,  and for some reason the government did not want me to work in foreign diplomacy. I can’t imagine why.

I started doing standup in 2013 after a painful breakup with academia and too many shouting sessions from my marine housemate. He solves most problems with guns and intimidation, and for awhile I was inclined to follow his example. In 2015 I was a feared domestic terrorist who was rumored to go postal any minute and cover San Jose with blood and fire, but I managed to kill on the mic instead of in the streets. I briefly experimented with conformity in 2016 but was rewarded with Trump, Neo-Nazis, and white power coke heads lecturing me on morality and virtue. Good times!

I had a show at in San Francisco in 2017 called “Occult Oubliette” where I dissected spiritual teachings, and another one for the first half of 2018. I run a literal underground open mic at Blue Chip Sports Lounge in San Jose on Wednesday nights at 7:30 pm, and I cruise around the South Bay in a sweet car that I don’t deserve, but which gets great gas mileage nonetheless. I have good friends and family that help me out when they’re not engaged in world conquest.