I was born in Stockton and have lived all over the Western United States, as well as a state of denial. I lived as a kid in Long Beach, California, and threw up as an adolescent in Western Washington in the 90’s. After graduating high school in 2001 (Great year, right?) I Budo-bummed my way around the Northwest, got a history degree from Sonoma State, and got up to a lot of trouble in Hawaii. Grad school in San Jose didn’t work out, and for some reason the government did not want me to work in foreign diplomacy. I can’t imagine why.

I started doing standup in 2013 after a painful breakup with higher education and too many shouting sessions from my marine housemate. I continued doing it mostly because I was stoned. In 2015 I was a feared domestic terrorist who was rumored to go postal any minute, but managed to kill on the mic instead of in the streets. I briefly experimented with conformity in 2016 but was rewarded with Trump, Neo-Nazis, and white power coke heads lecturing me on morality and virtue. It was humiliating, but enemies are one way to get better at comedy.

I had a show at in 2017 called “Occult Oubliette” where I dissected religious and spiritual teachings and separated them from bullshit sorcery spells. Now in 2018 I run a literal underground open mic at Blue Chip Sports Lounge in San Jose on Wednesday nights, and I cruise around the South Bay in a sweet car that I don’t deserve, but which gets great gas mileage nonetheless.