Upcoming Shows


  • Saturday August 18th, 8-10 pm, I’m on the Friends of Mutiny Showcase with Mike Spiegelman, of “Let’s Watch a Full Length Movie on YouTube” fame. 2781 21st Street San Francisco, CA: Ah, http://www.MutinyRadio.fm, where no ever asks themselves, “You know, I wonder if the audience really WANTS to hear about the hair on my vagina?”
  • Sunday August 19th, I’m at Bar 355 in Oakland with Warhol Kaufman/ Baraka Noel/ Jung Marx/ What is this guy’s real name anyway?
  • Wednesday August 22nd, guess who’s hosting at Blue Chip Underground Comedy? Legendary California comedian Matt Curry, that’s who! I’m excited! 7:30 pm, 325 South 1st Street, San Jose. Star power!
  • Blue Lagoon is this sweet, sentimental little former-gay-bar on Pacific Avenue in Santa Cruz, where every Thursday for 11 years an old Jewish hippie deadhead by the name of DN Abramson has run a local comedy showcase. 4 minutes of fun from about 30 comics makes for two hours of musically accompanied performance. What is DNA’s secret? Maybe its the free PBRs he throws out into the audience during shows — punks like that sort of thing. Anyway, I’ve been there roughly monthly for the last 3 or 4 years and I’ll be back again on August 23rd, 8 pm. The drinks in Neverland are good.
  • My friend Dena Ware is a producer of comedy and variety shows at Lilly Mac’s Pub on Murphy Avenue in downtown Sunnyvale; or, as she calls it, “Doto Suva”. She has a hip and happening show on Saturday the 25th, and I’m thinking I might get me some mic time and a few drinks.
  • I told Pam Benjamin I would sub at her SPARC Potcast in September on Tuesdays in San Francisco. If you’d like to be a guest at this infamous den of vice, hit me up. I’m quitting anyways – just after one more drag, you know?
  • I think I’m on in September at Vinyl Room in Burlingame with Dave Zugnoni, but you can never really tell where you’re at with that guy. Something suspicious about that one — like he used to be CIA but you’d never know because of the security clearance?

I am a regular open mic performer at:

  • Swingin’ Door Pub, East 25 Street, San Mateo, Mondays 9-11 pm, hosted by Emon Dismore. 8:45 pm sign up
  • Bocci’s Cellar, Encinal Street, Santa Cruz, Tuesdays 8-10 pm, hosted by Shwa Smith
  • Claudine’s Wine Experience, Saratoga, Thursdays 8 pm
  • Blue Lounge, Seabright Avenue, Santa Cruz, Sundays at 8 pm, hosted by Jon Rhinehart
  • Red Rock Coffee, Castro Street, Mountain View, Mondays at 7 pm, hosted by Jake Wichman.

I produce Open Mic at Blue Chip Sports Lounge in San Jose- 325 South 1st Street every Wednesday! 7 pm signup, 7:30-9:30 pm showtime.