Upcoming Shows


Funny Story! at Mutiny Radio Saturday June 16, 8-10 pm! 2781 21st Street, San Francisco, CA

A great lineup of Bay Area Comics and Producers will share true personal stories to make you laugh! $10 for 10 great storytellers from around the Bay! Featuring Nicole Tran, Jeremy Adkins, Paul Brumbaugh, Courtney Magleby, Kathy Klotz-Guest, Hank Romero, Warhol Kaufman, Mike Spiegalman, Pam Benjamin and Reggie Shorter!

Tickets available at www.eventbrite.com/e/funny-story-tickets-46640411727

Look out San Jose: I’ll be at the Willow Glen Pizza Factory with PX Floro and Calvin the Destroyer this Sunday the 17th, 3039 Meridian Avenue 8:30 pm. Hide the women and children.

The Blue Lagoon at 923 Pacific Avenue is one of Santa Cruz’s longest running comedy shows, hosted by a Jewish pirate named DNA. I will be on the lineup Thursday June 21 at 8 pm.

Vikings Motorcycle Club Comedy Showcase with Jim Menezes! Friday June 22nd, 2183 American Avenue in Hayward, 8 pm.

Sunday June 24th: Kawika’s Deli, San Francisco: the outer sunset, with Mr. Michael Spiegalman.

I will be a feature performer in July at Red Rock Coffee, Castro Street, Mountain View, Monday the 9th  7-9 pm

I am a regular open mic hound at:

  • Swingin’ Door Pub, East 25 Street, San Mateo, Mondays 9-11 pm
  • Bocci’s Cellar, Encinal Street, Santa Cruz, Tuesdays 8-10 pm
  • SLG Art Boutiki, Race Street, San Jose, Monthly, usually Thursdays 7-11 pm

I produce Open Mic at Blue Chip Sports Lounge in San Jose- 325 South 1st Street every Wednesday! 7 pm signup, 7:30 showtime. Turnout determines closing time.